Video of Medicine Man (1992) – Full Movie (Sean Connery Movie)

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I thought this was pretty interesting and wanted to share it with my readers

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A pharmaceutical company sends biochemist Rae Crane into the Amazonian rainforest to locate researcher Robert Campbell after his wife and research partner abandon Crane is bringing equipment and supplies, but Campbell is nevertheless upset the research partner is not He tries to send Crane home, but she demurs, as she has been assigned to determine whether Campbell’s research deserves continued Campbell has found a cure for cancer, but attempts to synthesize the compound have With supplies of the successful serum running low, Campbell isolates a derivative of a species of flower from which the formula can be synthesized and with Crane’s help is determined to find its A logging company is building a road headed straight for the village, threatening to expose the native population to potentially lethal foreign antigens, as has happened In fact, Campbell’s wife left him because he could not forgive himself for the A small boy appears with malignant neoplasms and Campell, Crane, the boy, and his father set out in search of Campbell’s predecessor, a medicine man from whom Campbell once acquired his knowledge of Upon encountering Campbell’s entourage, the medicine man flees in Though he is reluctant to pursue the man further, Crane convinces him circumstances demand that he Campbell rescues Crane from a fall, then locates the medicine man, whom he is compelled to fight in order to heal the


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