Interesting Video ‘Roger Moore discusses Sean Connery and James Bond’

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Watch this video when you get a chance. I think you’ll like it.

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The Hudson Union Society is where today’s leaders come to discuss tomorrow’s If you live not to far from New York, please join us in The Bond movies remain the longest continually running film series in movie history, and 2012 marks its fiftieth anniversaryand the release of the newest Bond movie: Skyfall, starring, Daniel To celebrate these universally adored films, their cultural history, and wide appeal, Sir Roger Moore, will discuss the Bond movies, along with a wonderfully witty account of his own involvement in From the girls to the villains, the cars to the cocktails, and oh so many And while there have been other actors that have taken on the coveted role of James Bond, Moore, the longest starring 007, is certainly one of the most renowned and With all the affection and good humor Sir Roger Moore brought to the role, he will bring his charming wit and charismatic personality to a special evening at the You will leave the event “feeling”shaken and not Sir Roger Moore has had an extraordinary career that has spanned seven decades, from early television to the golden age of Hollywood and on to international Dashing, handsome and every inch the archetypal English gentleman, he was unforgettable as James Bond, making seven blockbusting films as arguably the most debonair of the


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