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January 26th, 2013 Filed under: Sean Connery Movies — Movie Critic

Watch this video when you get a chance. I think you’ll like it.

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Songs: ‘Blue Wind’ and ‘Air Blower’ by Jeff Beck, and ‘The Straightener’ by Black Sabbath Featuring: Brad Ziegler, Alex Fatemi, Mike Ecker, Dave Eassa, Mark Millhollon, Paul Monteferrante, Brian Haskell, Kevin Eassa, Josh Hampton, DJ Wands, Ben Kitzmiller, Martin Viteri, and Nico Trevizo “Sean Connery’ was an idea we had to make a smaller montage of just Sean and Conner but as we kept filming, more people started getting a good amount of But only Sean and Conner were getting enough to make their own parts and it turned into somewhat of a full Enjoy!


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