Answer to the question: Quotes from movies for these actors…?

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‘MrsDepp’ asks a great question so I thought I’d post it here with an answer – enjoy:

Hi, I need some quotes from these actors, if possible a quote from a movie they’re most known for- Thanks! Carol Burnett Cher Jack Lemmon George Lopez Alan Rickman Maggie Smith Lauren Bacall Angela Lansbury Paul Newman Dean MartinJerry Lewis Oscar NunezJames Garner Keith Richards Debbie Reynolds Gary Busey Martin Klebba Betty White Charlton Heston Johnny Depp Dom Deluise Tom Arnold Al Pacino Robert De Niro Jane Russell Vivica A. Fox Frank Sinatra Spencer Tracy Ralph Fienes Red Buttons Irene Dunn Ann Miller Sean Connery Henry Winkler Danny Glover Mickey Rooney George Clooney Verne Troyer Robert Downey Jr. Vanessa Williams Julie NewmarP.S. I had about 100 names but I found they’re quotes on imdb, so don’t call me lazy for asking for help, thanks to anyone who helpsI forgot walter Mathau too. :)

Answer: George Clooney (Michael Clayton), “Does it look like I’m negotiating?!”Vivica Fox (Kill Bill 1) “Ifed you up. I fed you up bad, I wish to God that I hadn’t, but I did. Be that as it may, I know I don’t deserve your mercy or forgiveness, however, I beseech you for both on behalf of my daughter.Robert Deniro(Travis Bickle): ” You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well, I’m the only one here. Who the f**k do you think you’re talking to? Oh, yeah? Okay! [whips out gun] Huh”Danny Glover (Murtaugh): “I’m too old for this shit!” Lethal Weapon 1Sean Connery “Just like a Wop to bring a knife to a gunfight.” UntouchablesCher “Snap out of it!” MoonstruckPaul Newman Butch): “Why you crazy bastard, the fall will probably kill you. ” Butch Cassidy and Sundance KidLauren Bacall “Most women use more brains picking a horse in the third at Belmont than they do picking a husband” How to Marry a Millionairr


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