A Video – Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure starring Gordon Scott, Sara Shane, Anthony Quayle and Sean Connery

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Watch this video when you get a chance. I think you’ll like it.

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Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure stars Gordon Scott as Edgar Rice Burrough’s hero, a man raised by apes in the darkest jungles of In this film Tarzan is confronted by a gang of ruthless criminals on a journey to a hidden diamond Slade, played by Anthony Quayle, is an old adversary of the apeman, now determined to take revenge for old sins against Sean Connery (before he became 007) is a rogue Irish thug lusting for adventure, but his devil-may-care attitude will inevitably lead to serious Scilla Gabel portrays the gang’s bawd Toni, a former hustler who uses her sex as a covenant for sanctuary with her lover, Dino, notably played by Al Mulock, is a damaged ex-con haunted by his past, smoldering with vengeful anger and The last of the gang is Niall MacGuinness as a scheming metallurgist without morales or But best of all in this adventure is Angie, an assertive female bush pilot who becomes Tarzan’s “pal” in this dangerous Played with a naughty grin and a wild eye by Sara Shane, she must confront survival against overwhelming odds of Tarzan is not bulletproof in this duel of death, and no one is given any second chances for The combat in this film is elemental, with powerful hunting rifles against Tarzan’s knife and archery The peril is a thrilling jungle pursuit with gritty death by wild animal, quicksand and pits of sharpened There are some subtle hints of lustful


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