Video: FAU professor makes no apologies for calling Connecticut school massacre a hoax.

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By Miranda Grossman / CBS 12 NewsBOCA RATON, — A South Florida professor’s questions about the Newtown, elementary school massacre are creating a national It’s not so much that FAU professor James Tracy doesn’t believe the tragedy happened, but that he believes the national media isn’t doing enough investigative national media that descended on Newtown could have done a better job, Tracy has taught at FAU for 10 years and is no stranger to He’s questioned the JFK assassination, the Colorado movie theater massacre and now the tragedy at Sandy Professor says massacre may have been fakedThe professor said the media isn’t asking enough questions and he’s skeptical of He said there’s the possibility that crisis actors were sent to Newtown to add drama to the story told to the television told CBS12′s Peter Schaller that there is the possibility there were multiple shooters, even though police said that isn’t Tracy also said there’s the possibility that the number of people killed that day is had 20 families that were had to bury their you concerned about that at all? asked I think the whole country mourned about Sandy Hook, but yet again the investigation that journalistic institutions should have carried out, never took place in my opinion, Tracy s a lot of emotion involved with something like Is


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