Reader Question – What are the requirements for working at hot topic in texas?

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It’s Q&A time again. This one comes from ‘DollfacedLittlePunk’ who is asking…

I know that you have to be at least 14, and I’m 15, but are there any other requirements? And can someone who’s actually worked there tell me instead of some smart-mouth? Also, some people tell me that you actually have to know someone who currently works there to work there. Is that true?I did check the website, and it said the minimum age is 14.I did check the website, and it said the minimum age is 14.I did check the website, and it said the minimum age is 14.I did check the website, and it said the minimum age is 14.

Answer: No you do not need to know someone currently working at Hot Topic to secure a job and the company does employee candidates that do not have experience. I recommend you read below comments/tips/interview questions etc. from people who interviewed at Hot Topic which you should find helpful. Be energetic, talkative, knowledgeable about music, utube, movies etc. and you’ll get the job. Good Luck!TIP: Website: (free) interviews and employee reviews Sales Associate at Hot TopicPosted Sep 30, 2011 -Overall Positive Experience -Received and Accepted OfferInterviewed Nov 2010 in Woodbridge, VA (took a day)This interview was the easiest I have ever been to. They asked questions like, “What do you know about pop culture?” “How do you find out about pop culture?” “Do you have any previous work experience?” “What is your favorite band or musician?” The whole interview is about being personable, friendly, and at least semi-knowledgeable about music. As long as you talk and smile a lot, and name some interesting bands, you should get the job. I was in an interview with five people, two of which were much more experienced than me, and out of the interview only one other person got hired, and he had no work experience as well.Interview QuestionsWho is your favorite band?How would you stop someone that is stealing from the store?I applied In-Person and the interview consisted of a Group/Panel InterviewSales Associate at Hot Topic Posted Mar 8, 2011Overall Positive Experience-Received and Accepted OfferInterviewed Mar 2011 (took 2 weeks) I printed off my application online, and went to the store to give it to the manager in person. She was very friendly, looked over my application, and told me that she’d make sure it was read over. About a week later I got a call asking when I could come in for an interview.The day of, a manager and I went to the food court (which is not uncommon at all) for the interview. She was very friendly, and most of my nervousness went away after the first five minutes. The questions were pretty standard and for the most part, easy. There were a lot of hypothetical situations like “What would you do if you saw an employee stealing?”, and “How would you start up a conversation with a customer?” She also asked me a lot about what kinds of music I liked and how I stayed up-to-date with pop culture. After the interview, she said that I’d be really good, and told me I should expect a call the next day. I’m only 15, so I was extremely excited. I went directly from the interview to sit with my friends who were waiting for me, and about ten minutes later, the main manager came up to me and asked if I could stop back in the store when I wasn’t busy. She hunted me down to ask me, I was shocked. So I went back in and they offered me the job, only fifteen minutes after the interview. It was fantastic.They were both really friendly and made me feel at ease. Overall, a fantastic experience.Some Advice:Be ready for questions such as “What was the best/worst customer service you’ve ever recieved?” or “What was the last movie you saw in theatres?” Prepare some responses in advance, because I was unprepared and stumbled a lot trying to think of a good example.The hypothetical situations are just common sense. For the “What would you do if you saw an employee stealing?”, I said I would alert a higher manager, or if there was any specific protocol, I’d follow that. Since I’ve never worked in retail (or any other job), mentioning the part about the protocol helped me cover up, since I really didn’t know WHAT you were supposed to do. So don’t get too hung up on those.Try and start a conversation. If they ask your favorite band, tell them and mention how they have a fantastic live show or something like that. Say something about the band if they’re wearing a band tee (which they often are.) The girl who interviewed me had on a Star Wars shirt, and I happen to love those movies so we got in a discussion about that.Be yourself. Don’t be stuck up. Be energetic, talkative, and you’ll get the job.Interview QuestionsWhat would you do if you saw someone (not an employee) stealing on yuor shuft?How would you start a conversation with a customer?

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