Question/Answer: Is AMC a good job for a twenty year old?

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I thought I’d post this question from Ally since a lot of people seem to be asking it lately:

I’m a college student about to be twenty one. I currently get paid 7.25 for english surveys and $9.00 for spanish surveys at a call center. At first i was excited to get an interview with AMC but then i looked it up and saw they only pay minimum wage so i called to ask and they said since its on 42nd street you start off with 7.40. Is this worth it or should i just wait till i find something better?

Answer: It could be well worth it depending on your desires, your skills and your long-term goals. A few questions you want to ask them is “Does this theater offer rapid advancement opportunities for good employees?”, “Are pay raises issued annually or based on merit of the employee during the course of the year?”, “Is there a salary cap in this theater?”, “Are the employment opportunities fulltime, part time or both?”, “Does AMC offer benefits to its employees?”and “If I prove to be a valued employee, how long would it take for me to work my way into management?, also, what is the pay scale for a manager in this chain?”These questions will show a valid interest and help you to determine if the job is right for you. You should also consider other things such as:Are you happy with your current job?Do you like the idea of seeing free movies (and possibly getting your friends in for free)?Are you looking for a career with the AMC theaters (meaning that you may have to relocate down the road)?Weigh all benefits of taking the job or passing on it and make an informed decision.I hope that this helped and I wish you all the best!

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