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hey guys tell me what you think of my first episode of auslly love story so here we go!! ally: (working at sonic boom), (writing a song in her book) austin: hey ally is that a new song you wrote? dez: (walks in) hey austin wanna play with my turtle? austin: not now!! i was gonna hangout with ally and so ally is it? ally:is what? austin: so is it the new song you wrote for me? ally: oh yes it’s finished!! trish: guess who got a new job!! ally: trish what happend to your old job ally: TRISH!!! this is the third time you got fired austin and dez: trish: i know i know!! so have you wrote that new song yet? ally: yes i did and its finished dez: YES!!! finally i been needing to record the new song and put it on the website austin: so ally wanna hangout? ally: oh sure!! i can use a break trish: oh ok have fun :) i gotta go back to my new job now i started my break an hour ago so cya dez: so ya guys gonna leave me here alone in the store?? austin: (chuckles) when me and ally come back! me and you well play video games and upload that new song!! dez: ok but promise me that ok? austin: okay i promise anyways lets go ally ally: ok!! (yells upstairs to her dad) BYE DAD!! TAKE MY SHIFT IM GONNA GO HANGOUT WITH AUSTIN!! ally’s dad: (yells back) OK HONEY ally: ok lets go austin austin: ok ——————————————————– with austin and ally (at the movie theater) austin: so what movie you wanna see? ally: let’s go watch twilight austin


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