Answering the Question ‘Democrats, what would your reaction be if Ashley Parker had defended her brother?’

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You guys might also have this question so I’m posting it here with a good answer too. It comes from ‘L.T.M.’ who asks:

..with a Gun ?”Mobile police need your help to catch a mob that beat Matthew Owens so badly that he’s in critical condition.According to police, Owens fussed at some kids playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive about 8:30 Saturday night. They say the kids left and a group of adults returned, armed with everything but the kitchen sink.Police tell News 5 the suspects used chairs, pipes and paint cans to beat Owens.Owens’ sister, Ashley Parker, saw the attack. “It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.” Parker says 20 people, all African American, attacked her brother on the front porch of his home, using “brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on.”Police will only say “multiple people” are involved.What Parker says happened next could make the fallout from the brutal beating even worse. As the attackers walked away, leaving Owen bleeding on the ground, Parker says one of them said “Now thats justice for Trayvon.” Trayvon Martin is the unarmed teenager police say was shot and killed February 26 by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Samford, Florida.”Link coming up… This is a serious question. And I think a good one because not everyone makes a good victim. If this keeps up it’s only a matter of time. Will you defend the person who defends themselves and or family members?@ brown950 ..can you answer my question? Yes it’s a “what if” but a legit one. If your brother was in that situation are you gonna ask him what he said while he’s being beaten to death or take action? Zombie ..same question to you as to brown.. your scenario is see that right?@ Toxic ..the racial crap doesn’t help and distracts from the real issue. But you’re correct in your Edit remarks.Edit @ Zombie ..The unrealistic part is that in the heat of the moment Ashley Parker WOULD NOT have time to INTERVIEW the “Suspects” beating her brother to death. Get It?So..She (or anyone in that situation) can watch him die or take action. Obviously she had only one option because she was unarmed and defenseless..which apparently how many on the left like it? And you folks seem to be implying women are incompetent with firearms. What’s up with that..what about our military..Well this was asked of Dems. Interesting..I guess they’re For the death penalty after all, as long as it’s a mob on your own front porch dealing out ‘justice’..? Wow.. we really do live in different worlds.

Answer: What a difference a shotgun makes! I’m wondering why these fools were unarmed and defenseless.Must have been a pretty good sized porch to fit 21 people.I suspect racking the pump on a 12 gauge would have gotten their attention. If the perpetrators did not obey orders to disperse and exit private property, at least the beating would have stopped or someone would have been shot. Perhaps such a delay might have allowed the cops time to arrive.I can’t understand how or why people living in a house don’t have firearms. It’s the American Way, and this story is a good example as to why they should.EDIT: @justgeti.. Full auto on the porch and 20 corpses? This isn’t Viet Nam. And even the standard M-16 30 round magazine would have to be switched out to get all 20 of them. Seems like a lot to expect from a sister ;) Sure would make a good movie though.Nah, I believe in what I learned as an Air Force cop: always use the minimum amount of force required to do the job. If the sister had been armed and looked competent, probably nobody would have had to be shot. Would depend on her demeanor and whether she knew what she was doing. In a situation like that, it’s all about “street theater”:”One Riot; One Ranger”. (Texas)


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