Answer to the question: Where can I find casting calls that don’t cost alot of money, or any money at all. I want to act!!BADLY!!!!!!!

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‘Mettygirl’ asks a great question so I thought I’d post it here with an answer – enjoy:

I’ve always wanted to act in movies and tv shows and what not, but it all seems to cost a fortune. I just want to get noticed and just act all I want. I need help to find casting calls that I can afford and won’t make my mom go bank rupted. If I want to act it seems as I’ve said costs a fortune. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I’m 16 I know a little young, but there are young actors out there.I mean look at some actors. I know that I would make a great actor, I just need to know where to look, to find something great for me that doesn’t cost also as i’ve said a fortune, or yaa everyone understands what i’m saying. Thanks!! God bless you!!

Answer: It should never cost you anything to audition – whether it is for theatre, film, television, or modeling. It is also not acceptable for an agent or manager to ask for any money BEFORE finding you work. Think of a talent agency as the equivalent of a temp agency – which is an outside firm that is hired by a company to help them find employees. The outside firm either pays the temporary agency a set fee for their services, or a percentage of the salary of whomever they hire.The agency finds you auditions and/or work and once you book a job, they get paid then and only then.The only things I can see which may cost you money are classes, headshots, and/or traveling to auditions. There are always auditions, I’ve found, no matter where you live. It’s really just a matter of knowing where to look. Without knowing where you live or the closest city, I can’t tell you specifically where to look. If you want to post that info – I will try to help find some auditions.If you’re not comfortable doing that, I would suggest looking up your city (in google) and the words “audition” “theatre” “film audition” and/or “community theatre” for a start. You may also want to check “talent gigs” at – but be especially cautious when answering any of these ads. You can also go to sites like – however they charge money if you want to submit yourself for an audition. What I’ve found works well, is to look up auditions in your area. Usually they will tell you the title of the project and the location. Take that information and google it – usually you can find further information on those auditions and can set up an audition appointment directly with the theatre or film company without having to pay a third party website (which you should never do.)

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