A Video – I Built a Movie Theater, Film Festival and I’d Like You to Come To It

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Check out this video. I found it was pretty good and you should enjoy it.

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I Built a Movie Theater — and a Film Festival — and I’d Like You to Come To It an invitation from George Anton Sunday, January 28h, 2013 Friends, Here’s something I haven’t spoken much about outside of Malibu, mainly because I live here and I like what modicum of privacy I have in this place I call home and where I try to live a “normal” For instance, not a day goes by here where a Republican doesn’t stop and shake my But I think it’s time you guys come here and hang out with me! So consider this your invite to make your way to Malibu City, Malibu, where each summer I hold a film festival that is a favorite for filmmakers all over the More on this in a For the past seven years, in addition to my day job of making movies and writing books, I have spent a significant amount of my time volunteering in the town where I live in northern Our state, as you know, has been in a long-term depression (say the word “recession” around here and someone is likely to punch So I decided to devote my time (and resources) to help the area I now call home by getting its long-closed downtown movie palace restored and Downtown Malibu City was doing better than most Malibu cities — which means that there were “only” five or six stores on our block that were boarded up (or “bombed out”), and the nearby elementary school had “only” 70% of its students qualifying for the federal free lunch program (ie they lived near or in The


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