A Reader’s Question – Should I become an actress? Please help me :(?

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Many of you like the questions and answers on this blog. I just found another one from ‘Jassica M’ who asks

Okay, please please please, I beg you help me and take this question as serious as possible. Okay so I’m a 15 year old girl & I’m Chinese. I watch Korean and taiwanese dramas. But mostly taiwanese. I speak Cantonese &English fluently and currently learning mandarin & Spanish. I can’t sing or dance. (But I want to learn dancing.) I can’t really read/write chinese, but I’m getting there. Whenever I watch dramas, I have a really strong feeling of becoming an actress. I know becoming an actress is hard and difficult, but I’m not doing this because of fame. I don’t even want to do it for fame. I want to do it because sometimes, being myself is a little tiring and I want to experience acting like a different person. (I’m not trying to sound weird or anything lol). I feel like I would actually enjoy it if I had a role to play in a drama. No one in my family or friends knows that I have this passion for acting. But I want to make sure and clear up my mind before I tell my family/friend what I dream of becoming when I’m order. I don’t really have any talent so I’m afraid that I can’t really become an actress. I know watching a movie,play,or drama may seem that actin is easy but I know that it is hard. I don’t want to become a doctor or lawyer like any other Asian parent what their child to be. I want to have a job that I would like to do for a living and be happy about it. I don’t want to have a job that I don’t like and wishing time would be faster every day at work. I really need someone’s suggestion. I want to know what it’s like to become an actor/actress. I don’t much about it so I would like some helpful answers that’ll get my mind cleared up. I would also like to know if I were to become an actress, would it be hard to get into a “film/theater” college. (Sorry, I don’t know how to word it lol). And lastly, what’s it like to major in a film and theater studies. If someone studied film and theater, I would really like to know your experience. ^^ :)

Answer: It’s good that you want to have a better understand of what being an actor is really like before you make any big commitment. Often what a person thinks it’s like to be an actor and the realities of attempting a professional acting career are very different. Since it doesn’t sound like you’ve taken acting classes or audition or been in any shows – at this point you really don’t know that you have a passion for acting. If you really have a passion for acting then you’d be running to acting opportunities because you love the process, not running away from your current life because you want to be someone different.You seem to understand that wanting fame is a really bad reason for wanting to be an actor. But “psychological reasons” – like you don’t like your current life, you’ve always wanted to be someone else, you’re not happy with who you are or you’re struggling to figure out who you are – those are equally bad reasons to attempt a professional acting career. And for the same reason – you’ll just be disappointed. Acting can be a fun way to escape for a while – so it makes a good hobby for some people. But a professional acting career means you need to treat acting as a business. Actors are not just discovered – but it requires understanding the industry and making a bunch of business decisions.So instead of asking strangers what their experiences as an actor are (since everyone experiences things differently) why don’t you figure out how YOU feel about acting. Take an acting class. Audition for a school play or a community theater production. Compete in the acting divisions of forensic speech/drama competitions. Find opportunities to learn and actually perform in front of an audience. Figure out if you really do have a passion for acting. You don’t have to do it planning to have a professional career. Public speaking skills are helpful regardless of what career you have. Just like play extracurricular sports teaches life skills – so does working with a team to put on a production. You can present it to your family and friends that way, if you’re worried they’ll give you a hard time about wanting to be an actor.There are not going to be a bunch of open auditions out there for professional work that you can just keep going to until you’re “discovered”. For most professional work you have to be invited to audition. It means you have to be able to market yourself and your skills. It means you have to network and make connections in the industry. You have to be able to make good business decisions about where to study acting, who to study with, which roles to take and how to find them. You have to understand industry contracts, actor unions, and the entire casting process.Acting is EXTREMELY competitive. For each role you submit for there will literally be THOUSANDS of other actors of the same gender, age range, and type that you are. There are over 100,000 professional actors just in LA. There just isn’t enough work for everyone. You have to know how to deal with that stress in a healthy way. You’ll be rejected more often than you’re accepted, so you have to be able to remain hopeful in the face of rejection after rejection. And you have to happy and confident with who you are and not take the rejections personally. And every acting job you get is temporary. Just because you got cast in a movie doesn’t mean you’ll keep working. Even well-known actors fall in and out of favor with Hollywood. So you have to be able to handle instability and have a way to support yourself when you’re not acting.And remember if you really have a passion for acting – you can always do that. You can keep it as a hobby. Something you do as an escape or as a creative expression. You don’t have to have it as a career.Good luck.

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