Super 8 (2011) Movie

This movie makes me think of two matters. First, it’s a pity that Michael Jackson can’t see this film, otherwise, he should have liked it very much. Second, the alien looks a lot like a Protoss from Starcraft, and it looks likely to be chasers, but apparently not upgraded over the flash.

A lot of critics said that they can’t understand the plot, or don’t understand what is being said. Is it very hard to understand the story that is so simple and straightforward? The alien that accidentally crashed into the Earth, was found by the military. The alien wanted the people from the earth to help them get home, but those soldiers were bent on using him as an experiment. The alien’s ship was made up of some basic small cubes, and the military had been trying to get this technology, but it never worked. A black scientist working for the military in accidental contact with the alien communication, understanding his pain and anger, so determined to help him. But that happened unsuccessfully, and he was kicked out of the military, hiding in a small town (is the story of the town), while not giving up on helping the alien’s, finally found the opportunity to intercept the train when the military transfer of aliens in a desperate attempt to free the alien. He succeeded, the alien escaped, but his heart was full of hatred for humans, so driven by hunger began to attack humans, but he is, after all, an intelligent creature. He has a little more than the good heart of some stupid humans, so the town’s various dogs and cats pets lost in large numbers. In the last resort, he is still not willing to eat people. These children in a variety of coincidences contact with this alien. Finally, after the successful rescue of the little girl, the young leading character was caught by the aliens. He said not all humans are bad, and we understand your pain. The alien would not have had much malice, just anger, so he did not make it difficult for the children, he just wanted to go home. In the end, everyone saw that the alien managed to leave, the children were happy, and even those adults were touched. That’s all the plot.

This can be considered a scary version of ET, it is to tell the child that bad guys are not ugly and different from us, and those people with those features will find ways to harm us, sometimes he is just scared just want to go home. Well, the “main idea” is so old-fashioned, but as long as such a film exist, the American spirit will never fade.

Super 8 (2011) Movie

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