Korean Drama – My Wife is a Superwoman Or Queen of Housewives

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There is always a woman behind a very successful man. In this drama, you will see how housewives help their husband in the corporate world.

The leading couple in this drama is Ji-ae (play by Kim Nam-Joo) who has an un-employed husband Dal-soo (leading actor play by Oh Ji-ho). Ji-ae was a very famous girl in high school during her high school days. In all her lifetime, Ji-ae has always wanted to marry the smartest guy and Dal-soo the number one student in Seoul University is her chosen partner for life. Unknown to her, although Dal-soo is a smart guy, he has a very straight character which cause him huge disadvantages in his working life. For Ji-ae, instead of thinking that Dal-soo will be a great guy in his career, she was wrong. Now, Ji-ae has to work very hard in order to support her family and her home loan.

15 years ago, Ji-ae dumped her first boyfriend Joon-hyuk (play by actor Choi Cheol-ho) due to a misunderstanding. Now, Joon-hyuk had married to Bong-soon (played by actress Lee Hye-young) the ugliest girl in the school. Joon-hyuk who happens to be Dal-soo new boss bear grudges towards Dal-soo because he thought Ji-ae dumped him for Dal-soo.

With the existence of another couple, the Queens Food president Tae-joon (play by actor Yoon Sang-hyeon) and his wife Eun So-hyun (play by actress Seon Woo-seon) who are living a loveless life makes the story more complicated.

This drama definitely brings out the values and tradition for housewives in the east especially when money and power are involved. At the verge of a relationship, what will be holding the couples back together? I believe, this is the thoughts of all couples and the answers are all in this drama.

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