Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince – A Discovery of Innocent Past Or Understanding the Dreadful Future

The mere characteristic of the fiction tales is that they are enriched with fascinations and illusions, but even then, they are closer to being pragmatic and have a comprehensible originality. Quintessence of this realisation is the sensational Harry Potter series. It is full of adventures, mysteries and suspense but still, the main cause of all the upheaval and kerfuffle in the legend is the general and much common associate of existence and desire.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has proved to be a book designed perfectly for unravelling the past anonymities, starting from the origin. It has been intended upon the realisation of the basic motif of a character that will now determine the future of all those associated with it. Lord Voldemort, the most able and fearful wizard, has returned to continue his favourite habit of devastation and havoc-creation. With ever increasing threat to existence, the Chosen One has been forced to prepare for ceasing the overspreading darkness.

The penultimate has been planned in such a way to untangle the vine of innocent past, and prepare everyone for the inevitable future. Whilst the stronghold of Voldemort on the Wizarding World is increasing, Dumbledore travels extensively to collect memories associated with the past life of the Dark Wizard. All the memories are used as a key to reveal the blatant character of Voldemort that might help in defeating him with his own tactics.

Half Blood Prince is a double-sided designed concept, which, side by side entertains the spectators with the innocent memories of Voldemort whilst revealing the dread of future happenings. According to the mere memories’ collection, Voldemort was an orphan who was abandoned by his Muggle father even before his birth. His mother, a Witch, gave him birth in an Orphanage and died after a few days. He was raised up in the Orphanage and his personality was located to be different than many others surrounding him. No one from either his maternal or paternal relations ever ventured to look up for him or spot him.

His only home that he ever had was the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the magical school, where he was enrolled at the age of eleven. His successive years proved to be the most happiest and brightest than he ever had. Even at the end of his last year at the school, he intended on staying there as a Teacher. His love for the place was enough for him to make such an offer to the Headmaster who declined it.

Living through all the abandonment, the sensation of hatred that Voldemort developed was much hard to avoid or eradicate during his time at Hogwarts where he disguised himself as a normal, gregarious kid. The memories also highlight his pounding interest in the concept of immortality and creation of various Horcruxes. This new realisation at the latter half of the story is quite bewildering as it marks the onset of terror in this as well as its sequel.

The memories have not only pitied the Dark Wizard, but have created even more challenges for his eradication in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The aim of immortality and the presence of Horcruxes have made the whole account interesting and bewildering. However, the most important fact that these can only be created after a murder has been attempted, has given rise to the intriguing conception of Inferi, which can also be used in the protection of the possible Horcrux as found in the latter half.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has unleashed the vicious character of Lord Voldemort and evoked the sudden realisation of his deathly aims for the future based upon his desire of immortality and ruling the entire Wizarding World.

The release date for Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince is 15th July 2009.

Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince – A Discovery of Innocent Past Or Understanding the Dreadful Future

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